Years Gone By


1998 – Journey Begins

Dr A.K Sinha MD (Pathology) an alumni of Darbhanga medical college and hospital started Maurya Central Diagnostics in the city of Purnia Bihar 25 years ago as the first pathological laboratory in the city.

1999 – Mini Vidas Launched

For the diagnosis of cardiovascular and infectious diseases, cancers, infertility, pregnancy and thyroiditis diseases. First in Purnia, Bihar

2004 – 3 Part Hemoanalyzer

First 3 Part Hemoanalyzer for doing automated CBC test was launched by us. Started TB :PCR from Cobas Roche Diagnostics in the same year.

2007 – First Fully Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer

Launched the first automatic random access biochemistry analyzer A25 and A15 from Biosystem.

2008- First 5 Part Hemoanalyzer

First 5 Part Hemoanalyzer was introduced in Purnia for doing automated CBC test.

2010 – First Radio Immunoassay in Purnia

This was the first Radio Immunoassay in Purnia after getting approval from BARC.

2015- TruNAT PCR for Hepatitis B & C

TruNAT PCR is the most authentic test for Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.

2016 – HBA B27 and HPV PCR

Started HBA B27 and HPV PCR. Also started Automated Culture Test in Purnia.

2017 – First Allergy Testing in Purnia

Started the Allergy Test for Food and other organisms for the first time in Purnia.

2019 – Fellowship in Hematology

Dr Anurag Mohan received fellowship in Hematology from PD Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai.

2020 – Started all Covid Tests

Started RT PCR for Covid-19 and all the other tests related to Covid Pandemic.

2021 – First 6 Part Hemoanalyzer

Installed the first 6 Part Hemoanalyzer to carry out automated CBC Testing.

2021 – Started Liquid Based Cytology

Became the first lab in Purnia to start Liquid Based Cytology.

2021 – NABL for Molecular Testing

Got NABL Accreditation for Molecular Testing for the first time in Purnia.

2023 – Launched M-Fit

M-Fit is a programme for Free Health Testing and Improving Fitness Levels.

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Dr AK Sinha and Dr Anurag Mohan – Pathologists


Dr A.K.Sinha and Dr Anurag Mohan are two of the most distinguished Pathologists in the country having more than 30 years of experience between them. They went to the best medical schools to get their spurs and then worked at some of the most prestigious hospitals in the country to gain valuable experience. Maurya Labs was setup more than 25 years ago to provide best in class pathology tests to the patients.

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Purnea Main Centre

Opposite Red Cross Blood Bank Building, Line Bazar, Purnea, Bihar, IND- 854301

Mobile : +91-725-010-6954

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