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We have earned the trust of the patients and the doctors over the last 25 years for the accuracy of our lab results due to our determination to excel.

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Professional staff

We recruit qualified staff and provide them intensive training to achieve professional excellence.

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Affordable prices

Here you get the best in class lab services at prices which are pocket friendly.for the patients.

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NABL Accreditation

This is the first and only Lab in Purnea to get NABL Accreditation for Maintaining High Quality.

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Experienced Pathologists

Dr A.K.Sinha and Dr Anurag Mohan have more than 30 years of combined experience.

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Million Satisfied Patients


Samples Tested Every Day


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Accurate Timely Reports

Popular Tests

Complete Blood Count (CBC)

  • Most Important Test in any disease
  • 22 Parameters Covered
  • No preparation Required
  • Done on 6 Part Hemoanalyzer – 1st in Seemanchal region

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Thyroid Function Test (TFT)

  • Most Important Test in Women
  • 3 Parameters – T3, T4,TSH
  • No preparation Required
  • Done on Fully Automatic Thyroid Analyzer Centaur CP from USA

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Hemoglobin A1C (HbA1C)

  • Most Important Test for Diabetics
  • Gives average sugar over 3 months
  • No preparation Required
  • Done on Glycohemoglobin Analyzer, Bio Rad from USA

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Popular Healthcheckups

Diabetic Checkup

  • There are more than 10 Crore Diabetics in India
  • 68 Parameters Covered
  • 8 Hours of Fasting Required
  • Tests all the Major Organs of the Body

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Heart Checkup

  • Heart Attack is the most common cause of death
  • 72 Parameters Covered
  • 8 Hours Fasting Required
  • Same day reporting

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Pre-Anesthesia Checkup

  • These are the tests Required to be done before Surgery
  • 32 Parameters Covered
  • No preparation Required
  • 3 Hours Reporting

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Cutting Edge Technology

Know Your Blood Count


Finding Your Organ Health


How are Your Hormones


What’s Growing Inside the Body


Dr AK Sinha and Dr Anurag Mohan – Pathologists


Dr A.K.Sinha and Dr Anurag Mohan are two of the most distinguished Pathologists in the country having more than 30 years of experience between them. They went to the best medical schools to get their spurs and then worked at some of the most prestigious hospitals in the country to gain valuable experience. Maurya Labs was setup more than 25 years ago to provide best in class pathology tests to the patients.

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Read our latest news from the company or general medical news. Feel free to ask questions in comments for any news you find interesting.

June 12, 2023

The number of diabetics in India has risen by 40% in the last 4 years. The country has suffered a lot due to the Covid pandemic and now this disturbing news.

June 11, 2023

It is the richer upper middle class Indians who are always complaining about the high cost of private healthcare in India. Just shrug them off and send them to the government hospitals.

May 31, 2023

There are a whole lot of online healthcare platforms offering heavy discounts on pathology tests. These Jamtara inspired digital players are out to swindle your money.

Maurya Labs Home Page


Purnea Main Centre

Maurya Labs, Opposite Red Cross Blood Bank Building, Line Bazar, Purnea, Bihar, IND- 854301

Mobile : +91-725-010-6954

Purnia Hospital & Research Centre

Purnia Hospital, behind international Public School Tilkha, Manjhi Nagar, Line Bazar, Purnia, Bihar 854301

Mobile : +91-725-010-6954

Purnea Main Centre

Opposite Red Cross Blood Bank Building, Line Bazar, Purnea, Bihar, IND- 854301

Mobile : +91-725-010-6954

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