India has 10 Crore Diabetics

June 12, 2023 by Anurag Mohan1

Diabetes is on the rise in India. The number of diabetic people have risen from 7 Crores in the year 2019 to 10 Crores in the year 2023. This is a massive 40% jump in the number of diabetic people in the country. Diabetes is the mother of several dreaded diseases like Heart Attack, Brain Stroke, Kidney Failure, Erectile Dysfunction etc. The main reason behind this rise in the number of diabetic people in the country is the lack of daily exercise and consumption of junk food. A country which was populated by malnourished people till about 40 years back is now an obese country. Men are mostly pot belled while women have heavy hips. We Indians are sports watchers and not sport players. Since early 90’s liberalization kicked in and brought private sector jobs. By the early part of this century, the number of women employees in office jobs started rising. Free flowing alcohol, smoking and other vices make the office parties livlier. The airconditioned shopping malls are overflowing on the weekends while the few parks that we have wear deserted look. The number of morning walkers in our country are less than 1%.

The last few years have seen useless debates, communal disharmony and political slugfest amongst the citizens leading to higher levels of stress. Long traffic jams, competitive work places, junk food and lack of daily exercise makes a heady cocktail leading to rising number of diabetic people. Once a person is diagnosed with diabetes either on the basis of blood sugar reports or HbA1C values then we rush to physicians who prescribe medicines and also advise lifestyle modification. The busy physicians have not time to explain what they mean by Lifestyle modification. We continue to pop these medicines and continue to lead the same kind of life. Some of us would watch a yogi on the television and move few limbs to claim that we are doing yoga everyday. One day there is a massive heart attack and the number of diabetics in the country is reduced by one. However there are more additions to this number on a daily basis than there are fatalities. 

So if you are living a life similar to the one described above then either you are a diabetic or in the pre-diabetic stage. All roads are leading you to the world of diabetes unless you change course. The first step is to get a complete body checkup done -tests like blood sugar fasting & pp, HbA1C, Lipid Profile, Liver Function Test, Kidney Function Test, Thyroid Function Test, Urine Routine etc. The test results would help you in understanding the gravity of the situation. Next comes drastic changes in your dietary habits. None of the animals around us are diabetic even though they share the same environment. The primary reason for this is that they do not consume cooked food. You also need to move to a diet which is mostly raw in nature. Eat all kinds of vegetables, fruits, dryfruits, oilseeds etc in their natural form without cooking or boiling any of them. Simply wash the vegetables like capsicum, mint, cabbage, cauliflower, peas, onions, cucumber, carrot etc and chop them fine. Now take some seasonal fruits like apple, orange, grapes, mango, papaya, pomgranate etc and chop them fine after washing. Mix the finely chopped vegetables and fruits, add dryfuits and oilseeds to these and eat this meal all day. This will definitely keep diabetes at bay and will even reverse your diabetes. Follow this diet for 2 months and repeat the tests mentioned above. You would be amazed to see that your HbA1C levels will come down by almost 20% and the values of all other tests would also move in a healthier direction. 

We at Maurya Labs are determined to put our might behind this fight against diabetes by providing you with accurate blood tests and correct information. You can get our Diabetic Health Checkup done to evaluate the status of your health. 

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