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We have tried to answer most of the common queries with regards to Laboratory Tests. If you have any specific query feel free to call on +91-9234344301 – 04

  • Why Maurya Labs ?
  • Do we have to come in fasting for Lab Tests ?
  • Which Health Checkup is Best for me ?
  • Where are the centres of Maurya Labs ?
  • How competent is your staff ?
Why Maurya Labs ?

Maurya Labs was established in the year 1998 and during the last 25 years we have earned the trust of millions of patients and thousands of doctors all over the country. Maurya Labs got NABL Certification in 2012 and is still the only lab in Purnea Bihar to have this prestigious quality accreditation. Most of the labs are either collection centres of laboratories situated in some other city or have basic 2-3 equipments for testing.

Maurya Labs has 26 different type of Analyzers which are made by world’s leading companies in the field of pathology testing. We have installed the latest 6 part hemoanalyzer for doing CBC test which is the most common blood test prescribed by the doctors. This is the only 6 part hemoanalyzer in the entire Seemanchal region as of now.

We have the lastest fully automatic Biochemistry Analyzer from Siemens Germany to provide the most accurate reporting. Most of the blood tests are done on Biochemistry Analyzer and the accuracy of the test results help the treating doctor in making correct diagnosis.

Almost all our analyzers are imported and cover the entire range of testing in pathology. With two of the most experienced pathologists Dr AK Sinha and Dr Anurag Mohan we provide the fastest and most accurate results. All the FNAC’s and Biopsies are done inhouse and the results can be given in the quickest possible time.

Do we have to come in fasting for Lab Tests ?

Some of the blood tests require the patient to be in fasting specially Blood Sugar fasting, Lipid Profile, Thyroid Function etc. Many tests do not require any kind of fasting. You can always call at the laboratory on the number +91-9234344301 – 04 to inquire about individual test or check the website where each test and its requirements are mentioned. For tests which require fasting you should not eat or drink anything in the morning and come to the laboratory anytime after 8 am. You can even schedule a home sample collection before 8 am for fasting tests. You can drink as much water as you want for tests which require fasting. You can pass motion or urine if test for urine is not part of the testing.

For Urine test it is always best to give the first urine of the morning. The urine sample can be taken in any plastic or glass bottle which is washed thoroughly. The urine sample should be given midstream. This means that when you start urinating, let some urine flow in the urinal before you collect it in the bottle. You can also collect a urine vial from the centre for giving urine sample.

Which Health Checkup is Best for me ?

Health Checkups are normally designed to check the functioning of important organs of the body like Liver, Kidneys, Thyroid, Heart, Lungs, Blood vessels etc. Different diseases affect different organs. If you are suffering from a particular disease like Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart Disease, Kidney Disease then we have specific packages for you. However if you are looking to get a general checkup then we have age specific and risk specific packages which will suit your needs. If you are under 35 years of age and generally healthy then we have gender specific whole body packages also. If you are above 35 years of age then our whole body packages like Mfit Superman and Mfit Superwomen would be best suited to do a complete checkup on the body.

If you are overweight or suffer from any lifestyle disease then MFit Desire is the most suited package and is pocket friendly also. In this package you get tests worth Rs. 8200 for Rs 3500 only. We do not provide testing only as our MFit programme aims to improve your health. All the people who opt for our health packages are automatically given the membership of MFit programme in which our health experts provide you with a personalized health improvement plan. This plan includes your diet chart, exercise regimen and doctor advise. The programme provides you with health education, motivation, testing, monitoring and followup till you become fully fit.

Where are the centres of Maurya Labs ?

Maurya Labs started its journey from Purnea Bihar but now has labs in Madhepura,  Araria and Katihar. Within the next 3 years, Maurya Labs would have a pan india presence with Labs in all the major cities of the country. Our labs are functional from 8 am in the morning till 6 pm in the evening all 7 days of the week.

In Purnea we have Labs in Line Bazar Opposite Government Medical College and at Gulab Bagh.

How competent is your staff ?

We only hire qualified and competent staff. All the technicians in our laboratory who handle the machines are either Diploma or Degree holders in Medical Laboratory Science with more than 5 years of experience. All the technicians undergo regular rigorous training under the inhouse pathologists. The staff is provided regular training in quality, soft skills, information technology and product knowledge. The staff is also trained in the latest developments taking place all over the world in the field of medicine.

All our support staff is regularly and intensively trained in soft skills, IT, communication skills and patient relations. Each of our staff member has to undergo 60 hours of refresher training every year to upgrade their skills.

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