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  • TB PCR is one of the tests that helps diagnose and confirm an infection of Tuberculosis
  • No special preparation is required.
  • This is a qualitative test and gives result as positive or negative.

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What is TB PCR Test ?

TB-PCR is one of the tests that helps diagnose and confirm an infection of Tuberculosis. Tuberculosis is a disease caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium. Tuberculosis generally attacks the lungs but can affect other organs of the body like abdomen, intestine, spine etc. It is contracted through the air when people who have the disease cough, sneeze, or spit.

The other widely used tests used in the diagnosis & screening of Tuberculosis infection are:

AFB, Smear examination Culture, Mycobacterium antibody panel (TB-IgG, IgM, IgA), Quantiferon TB Gold, Mantoux test etc

Reported Parameters

TB PCR – Positive or Negative

All The Questions that you might have

  • When is TB PCR Test Done ?
  • How accurate is TB PCR in the diagnosis of Tuberculosis ?
  • How common is Tuberculosis in India ?
  • What is drug resistant TB ?
When is TB PCR Test Done ?

TB PCR is ordered by the doctor if a person is suffering from the following symptoms :

  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Fatigue
  • Low grade Fever
  • Night sweats
  • Chills
  • Loss of appetite
  • Prolonged and Persistent cough
  • Blood in sputum
  • Painful breathing
  • Painful coughing
How accurate is TB PCR in the diagnosis of Tuberculosis ?

There are several tests for diagnosing tuberculosis in the body. Each test has its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of TB PCR is High sensitivity and specificity, giving quick results after only 24 hours. Can be performed with many different specimens such as cerebrospinal fluid, pleural fluid, bronchial fluid, sputum, etc. TB bacteria can be detected even at very low concentrations of about 1-3 bacteria. /mL specimen.

Disadvantages This is a rather complicated technique, high cost and requires very expensive equipment investment. In addition, the reactivity of this technique is very strong, the process is strict, so it needs a high level of professional personnel which few labs can deploy. The results need to be compared with X-ray and clinical findings to give the most accurate advice to the patient. Incorrect sampling may occur in which case a patient takes 2 test samples that give different diagnostic results.

How common is Tuberculosis in India ?

Tuberculosis is a disease of the third world countries. India has made rapid progress on all fronts but unfortunately the number of tuberculosis patients in India is still very high. Almost 20% patients of tuberculosis in the world are Indians. Tuberculosis is an infection caused by bacteria called Mycobacterium and malnourished people are more prone to the disease. Till the 70;s tuberculosis was the biggest killer in the country. Even now TB results in the death of many people in the remote areas of the country where the system of early diagnosis is not in place. The government has a big programme called DOTS for the eradication of TB in the country.

What is drug resistant TB ?

TB is treatable and curable; however, people with TB can die if they do not get proper treatment. Sometimes drug-resistant TB occurs when bacteria become resistant to the drugs used to treat TB. This means that the drug can no longer kill the TB bacteria.

Drug-resistant TB can occur when the drugs used to treat TB are misused or mismanaged. Examples of misuse or mismanagement include

  • People do not complete a full course of TB treatment
  • Health care providers prescribe the wrong treatment (the wrong dose or length of time)
  • Drugs for proper treatment are not available
  • Drugs are of poor quality

Drug-resistant TB is more common in people who

  • Do not take their TB drugs regularly
  • Do not take all of their TB drugs
  • Develop TB disease again, after being treated for TB disease in the past
  • Come from areas of the world where drug-resistant TB is common
  • Have spent time with someone known to have drug-resistant TB disease

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